WOMMA Webinar: How to Effectively Leverage the Power of Mom Influencers
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WOMMA Webinar – How to Effectively Leverage the Power of Mom Influencers

Veritas Communications and Ehm & Co. came together last week to deliver a webinar for WOMMA – the Word of Mouth Marketing Association – on the power of mom influencers, and how to effectively leverage this influential group. View the webinar above, and read our recap!

From Mom influencers to Moms being influenced, Moms rule the online world today and are paramount in driving brand preference. Moms still make over 85% of household purchase decisions and are more mobile and tech savvy than ever. They also spend more time online than any other group – talking, listening and acting as advocates for other Moms, including when it comes to brand choice and preference.

To help brands better understand how to tap in to this massively influential group, Krista Webster, President of the influencer agency Veritas Communications, and Erica Ehm, CEO of Ehm & Co., an agency with a laser focus on Mom engagement, teamed up with WOMMA to present a webinar on the power of Mom influencers. The webinar provides insight on today’s Mom: her purchasing power, how she spends time online and who she is listening to when making purchasing decisions. Krista and Erica also uncover results from their 2016 Mom Influencer Study. Based on their long tenure in working with brands and influencers, combined with the study results, they provide listeners with the top 5 best practices for leveraging Mom Influencers for brand marketing.

Today’s Mom

Moms today are online more than any other demographic, spending 100% more time online than the general population. There is a growing trend of “Momsourcing” – Moms connecting with one another online to share tips, product reviews and personal experiences. In fact, 64% of Moms ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product.

2016 Mom Influencer Study

Veritas Communications and Ehm & Co. partnered to develop the 2016 Mom Influencer Study, which provided insight into what makes Mom influencers truly influential, and what is most important to them when creating their online community. The study aims to delve deeper into the point of view of Mom influencers versus Mom consumers and uncover what she feels is important for us to know, as marketers, in engaging her. The results lend themselves to the best practices outlined below.

5 Best Practices for Brands when Working with Mom Influencers

1. Work with Mom influencers who have credibility with their audiences

From the 2016 Mom Influencer Study: 96% of Moms surveyed go to great lengths to ensure they maintain credibility with their audience.

In the webinar, Erica highlights the importance of an influencer’s credibility, saying, “The only thing an influencer has is their credibility. Once that trust with the audience is broken, their audience no longer engages.” Mom influencers have worked hard to curate their audience, and it’s important they remain authentic and credible when interacting with their online community. After all, this is why their audience comes to them in the first place.

2. Mom influencer and Moms: a two-way conversation is the only way

From the 2016 Mom Influencer Study: 95% of respondents said it was important they develop and maintain a relationship with their audience.

The relationships Mom influencers establish with their audience are intimate and personal, as many topics discussed are sensitive, intimate and relatable among Moms. Ensuring the conversation is organic and inclusive of Mom’s online audience provides authenticity to the story being told. As Krista states in the webinar, “A relationship means a conversation – it doesn’t mean ‘oh, they read my content.’ They know me, and I know them.”

3. Payment doesn’t discredit influence (and yes, brands should pay influencers)

From the 2016 Mom Influencer Study: 9/10 Mom influencers surveyed have received payment from a brand for their partnership and do not believe paid work prevents them from maintaining credibility.

It’s no longer a debate – influencers should be paid for their time spent on brand-related work. Mom influencers in particular host close-knit, online communities, and gaining access to this intimate group does not come for free. As Erica explains in the webinar, “Influencers spent hundreds of hours online building an audience, building skills – learning how to edit, write, curating an audience of trust. You are paying for their time, and access to their audience… In many cases, [disclosing] payment adds to [an influencer’s] credibility because they’ve been transparent about wanting to work with a brand.” Brand partners of Veritas would agree and have stated that as long as there is common interest, payment should be made.

4. Trust the creators to create

From the 2016 Mom Influencer Study: 81% of those surveyed ranked “ensuring content is in my own voice” as very important.

“When you pick your influencers you need to let them go and create because you have chosen these people and you have vetted them – these are the people that are right for you,” Krista outlines in the webinar. While it can be hard for some brands to give up creative control to their influencers, it’s important to allow influencers to create in their own voice and to remain authentic when communicating with their audience. Influencers need to have the flexibility to create brand stories in a way they know will resonate with their audience. After all, they know this community better than anyone.

5. Researching your influencer partners is key!

It’s crucial to understand the Mom influencer you are partnering with, and whether her values, opinions and beliefs are aligned with your brand. Do your homework and ensure you choose an influencer that is the right fit for your brand and its messaging. After all, as Erica clarifies, “You are hiring someone for a job – you need to look at their resume and truly understand who they are.”

Checklist for selecting Mom influencers:

  • Ensure your audiences are aligned
  • Assess the credibility of the influencer
  • Investigate other brands they work with
  • Understand tone and voice of the influencer
  • Identify influencers with the right skill and experience for your brand
  • Consider reach, but not only reach



To learn more about WOMMA, visit their website.

This blog post was written by our Growth and Innovation Intern, Katie Good. To see more of what our agency is doing in the influencer space, follow us @VeritasComm.