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Today’s big media news is that CTV’s 43-year-old wake-up franchise CANADA AM will sign off permanently tomorrow morning. But what does it mean for brands and communicators?

It’s the latest sign of the relentless cost cutting that has been reshaping the Canadian media market for two decades. Producing a morning news and interview show on this scale is labour intensive and costly – and the “value for shareholder” driven pressure to reduce expenditures and maximize dividends is relentless.

The broadcast landscape is not only changing because of greater pressure to reduce expenditures but also because the media consumption landscape is vastly different:

It took TV 38 years to reach a global audience of 50 million people

It took the iPhone less than two years to reach that same number

As mainstream media continues to contract, the shift in importance of the reach and credibility flowing from Influencers rises exponentially. They are building their own personal brands – and consumer trust – and turning their social channels like Instagram and YouTube into mini TV shows.

Canada’s own influencer superstar Lilly Singh has over 8 million YouTube subscribers alone, giving her more power and influence than any broadcast or cable TV show

At Veritas, we’ve been working with influencers since before they were called by that name; we can offer these top three tips to help brands in today’s new influencer-focused paradigm:

  1. Authenticity: there must be a natural connection between your brand and the influencer. If there isn’t a credible link between brand and influencer, pick someone else. During the recent Raptors and Cavaliers playoff games you probably saw the commercial for Kia featuring LeBron James. Despite the ad’s best efforts, do you really believe that someone who earns over $24 million USD each year drives a Kia?
  2. Team member: don’t treat influencers like a 3rd party supplier; instead treat them like a member of your marketing team. Bring them up to speed on the latest programs you’re planning, innovations to come, and know what makes them tick. By investing time and energy in the influencer, they will become far more authentic and passionate about your brand.
  3. Measure true impact: this is the area of influencer marketing that needs to grow up the most. Counting the number of followers an influencer has doesn’t reflect true reach, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Push your team – and the influencer – to share follower demographics and true view rates of content to get a more accurate reflection of true impact.


Today’s news won’t be the last time we hear of a TV show or other mainstream media property ceasing to exist. Brands shouldn’t be deterred by this change, but should instead embrace new ways to engage with your consumers in an authentic and impactful way.


This article was written by Veritas’ Director of Brand Reputation Bob Reid ( and Head of Digital, Kevin Twomey (twomey@veritasinc.comfeel free to reach out to Bob and Kevin if you’d like to discuss any of the topics in this article.