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We admit it. It was flat, uninspiring and far too ordinary. There’s no sense defending it.

A website is the modern storefront, and it’s vital that it reflects the agency culture, values and beliefs and puts our latest accomplishments front and centre. Unfortunately, we had been so deep on our client’s business that we had overlooked our own storefront, which was in need of an urgent re-fresh.


So, the Growth & Innovation Lab at Veritas was given a challenge: using internal agency resources only, build a completely new website, taking best practices such as truly responsive, video rich, easy to manage CMS and future proofing for a potential e-commerce platform into account … in only six weeks!

To start the renovation, the Growth and Innovation Lab first looked at the different audiences that might visit the site. They identified three different stakeholder groups:
1 – Existing clients – does our website reflect the kind of work we do together and the reason they chose to partner with us the first place?
2- Potential new employees – we’re always looking for great talent to join our team. We knew that the site needed to reflect not only the great work we do, but also the culture that lives in our agency.
3- New partners – if a prospective client visits our site, they need to be blown away with the great brands we work with, what we stand for, and the type of work we deliver.

With these audiences in mind, the Growth and Innovation Lab began to map out how the site should look and the type of content we needed. Veritas’ Digital Creative Director, Jason Cowell, led the design of the wireframes based on input from the social team. They wanted the site to be rich in video and text light. Video is the new content norm, and this should be reflected throughout. This approach was applied throughout the site, including the homepage too, where we feature a short sizzle reel of some of our recent work.

When developing the wireframes and site design, Jason wanted to make sure that like all modern websites, that the new was fully accessible across any device and no functionality was lost from one device to the next.


Our design team, led by senior designer Julienne Diva, worked with Jason to bring the wireframes to life, making sure the site represented our tone and personality.


While Jason and Jules finessed the designs, our online copywriters worked with the social team to make sure the site copy is to the point, clear and conveys the right tone. We wanted bite-sized snippets of information to give visitors a flavour of what we do. This approach was applied to the work, about us and contact/careers sections in particular.

Where we could indulge in some longer form content is the blog section. As part of Jason’s user experience design, he ensured that the blog could not only be text rich but also highly visual to help tell a more interesting story. Our blog is the team’s opportunity to cover a wide range of topics such as how to start your own blog, the future of social or the world-famous Touchdowns and Fumbles.

To give visitors a snapshot into the world of Veritas, Terry, our IT lead, developed a social plug-in which displays recent activity from Veritas’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not only does it show clients what we’ve been up to, but it also help highlight to potential new employees what life at Veritas is like.

So after six weeks, the new is live. The Growth and Innovation team are extremely proud of their baby. Like all good websites, the first version isn’t the last. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a French version and more video content with testimonials from our clients and media/influencer partners, as well as our ongoing blog updates – so please make sure to drop in and see what we’ve been up to!